Snow can be a magical part of winter, bringing with it enjoyable activities like building snowmen and making snow angels. But when the flurries accumulate on your roof, this seemingly-light substance becomes heavy and dangerous instead. As a homeowner in an area that sees plenty of white powder each season, you not only need to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead but also understand how to remove any undesired excess from your rooftop as well.

How to Remove Snow From a Roof

Safety Considerations

Removing snow from your roof carries numerous risks. The most serious warning is to never set foot on a snowy rooftop, as they are usually slick and hazardous. Nor should you attempt the task with a ladder propped up against it – its rungs may become icy and prone to sliding, posing an extreme danger of falling or slipping off the side.

Furthermore, you must be mindful of potential risks such as hypothermia and frostbite. To keep warm in the cold weather, dress up with multiple layers and protect your hands, feet, nose and ears from frigid temperature. Don’t forget to take regular breaks indoors where it is warmer too! And when using a roof rake extension pole that’s usually metal-made near power lines outside your home—be very cautious since contact between them might lead to electrocution. Therefore we recommend replacing the traditional one with a non-metallic version for better safety measures during winter season maintenance tasks.

Keep in mind that snow removal can be a strenuous task, and unfortunately has been the cause of numerous deaths due to cardiac arrest each year. To avoid risking your health, do not try removing snow if you are unwell or have any underlying heart conditions.

Despite the potential risks, you can safely scrap snow off of your roof with adequate tools and prudent precautions. Put on multiple layers since it’s likely that you will perspire while working so much to the extent where you may have to take some clothes off. And most importantly, make sure that you wear warm clothing!

In order to clear the snow from your roof, you will need a few basic tools:

  1. A Snow rake or Roof rake
  2. Extension Poles for reaching higher spots on the roof
  3. An optional but powerful Snow Blower.

You may also want to consider purchasing some materials such as Roofmelt pellets (optional) that can help melt away ice and snow quickly if needed.

1. Create a Path Around Your House

If you have access to a snow blower, it is highly recommended that you take the initiative and create a pathway around your home for increased safety and convenience. It may not be necessary but will make all the difference!

2. Assemble and Place Roof Rake

Construct your roof rake with ease. Once constructed, prop the rake at the edge of your roof and tug downwards to effectively clear away any snow that may be present.

PRO TIP: To maintain your roofing in optimal condition, it is best to leave an inch or two of snow on the top. Endeavor to avoid any heat guns or flame equipment if you find yourself facing a large amount of ice buildup – these can cause significant harm. The most prudent option would be making use of Roofmelt tablets composed of calcium chloride; they will effectively melt away the frozen layer without causing distress to your rooftop!

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