Miceli Roofing – Your partner in a snow and ice removal plan!

Miceli Roofing understands how to handle snow removal from your roof in a safe and compliant work condition. Whether you decided to initiate a yearly roof snow and ice removal plan or in need of Emergency Assistance to help prevent damage that may occur – consider Miceli Roofing.

Equipped for Safety

Miceli Roofing is experienced to safely remove snow and ice from a roof and will implement a safe work plan for every roof.  Our company and staff have experience working safely at significant elevations above the ground and:

Snow Removal
  • Receive all necessary training.
  • Fully aware of all safety expectations.
  • Hold Certificates of Insurance for both workers’ compensations and general liability.
  • Follow OSHA fall protection guidelines.

Our Insights & Approach

Commercial & Residential Snow & Ice Removal Services

Highlights of Miceli Roofing’s Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal Service are:
  • Knowing when it is safe to access the roof during and following a snowstorm.
  • Clearing of rooftop drains inlets and outlets. Clearing drains will help remove water from melting snow. Any clogged drains can lead to severe ice accumulation which can contribute to roof failures during a later snow or rain event.
  • Working to take proactive steps to safeguard critical assets and operation through the snow removal process.
  • Identifying areas that accumulate drifting snow and address these areas. In many cases it is warranted to remove snow in the drift-exposed areas because the deeper drifts will take more time to melt and drain away. This increases the likelihood that another snow or rain event can add to the actual roof snow load in these drift-exposed areas.
Snow on roof

Snow & Ice Removal Pricing

Miceli Roofing offers pricing for both emergency situations and also through yearly contracts. Our yearly contracts outline a fixed cost “Per Event” to remove snow and ice from a roof.

  • An “Event” is defined as a continuous storm within a 24-hour period. Each event is an individual charge.
  • De-icing is available and can be added on a per application basis.
  • Additional services above and beyond the assigned snow and ice response plan can be added or reviewed at any time.

Getting Started

Please call Miceli Roofing at (401) 433-ROOF fto schedule a no obligation appointment. Our staff will visit and review your property. We will then provide an estimate for a yearly contract. It is that easy.

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