When should I replace my roof? 

Putting off getting a new roof is costly in the long run. You might think you’re saving money, but if you wait too long, extensive (and pricey) repairs will need to be made. How do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? Look out for these signs: 

  • There are wet spots on your ceiling, in the attic, or crawl spaces. This might be a sign of a problem. You should investigate and find the source of the water. 
  • You have a crack in your chimney’s masonry. 
  • Shingles on the roof are not in good condition. 
  • The shingles on your roof are blistering. 
  • The shingles on the roof are old and need to be replaced soon. 
  • You may have noticed some signs that your roof is rotting. This could include a spongy feeling when you walk on it, or water damage in the attic. 
  • It sounds like water is getting into your eaves, or the roof overhang. 
  • The flashing on your roof is damaged or broken. 

Frequently inspect your roof for damage, and don’t hesitate to consult professional roofers like those at Miceli Roofing. Even if you think your roof is fine, an old one may be more likely to collapse. They will give you practical advice about whether or not it’s time to replace it. 

How Do I Choose the Right Roofing Contractor? 

The most crucial decision you can make after deciding you require a new roof is selecting your contractor. To avoid fraudulent contractors and get the most out of your money, choose a reputable roofing business. A new roof isn’t inexpensive; the appropriate contractor can offer you a pleasurable, profitable experience while also ensuring that your roof lasts for decades. Before hiring a roofer, do some research to avoid disaster. 

Inquire from friends, family, or social media for suggestions on roofing contractors. Oftentimes, people you trust can give the most accurate reviews since they have first-hand experience. Also look at a contractor’s reviews and testimonials to get an idea of their past work. 

Once you’ve found a few potential contractors, take some time to research the company. Check for things like manufacturer designations and positive ratings with the Better Business Bureau. You should also make sure they have proper licensing and insurance. If a contractor doesn’t have these credentials or refuses to show you their license, it’s likely they’re not the best quality contractor on the market. 

What New Roofing Options Do I Have? 

At Miceli Roofing, we have a lot of different roofing options that will work for any style home. You can choose from metal roofing, forged iron, traditional shingles, RoofGuard, and more in a variety of colors. You can see all the roofs we have in our gallery or contact one of our contractors to help you pick the perfect roof for your home or business. 

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for New Roof Installation? 

If you do need to replace your roof, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure a trouble-free procedure. To begin, clear any loose items from your walls and shelves first. Unsecured objects may fall as a result of hammering on your roof. Clean as much of the driveway and surrounding areas as possible. Roofing shingles may fall into the driveway. Your contractor will also appreciate the additional area for work vehicles and equipment. Miceli Roofing Roof can typically complete most new roofing projects on the same day, giving you little disruption in your routine. The remainder will be handled by a competent roofing company; all you have to do now is relax and enjoy your brand-new roof. 

How Long Will My New Roof Last? 

Even the greatest roofing system has an expiration date. The longer you wait to replace your roof, the more it will cost. A new roof should last for 20 years on average. Roofs can endure for a long time or not at all depending on how well maintained they are, how severe the weather is, and whether or not they were built properly in the first place. Miceli Roofing offers our clients with a transferable lifetime guarantee — an important service in today’s housing market. 

If you think your roof may be nearing the end of its lifespan or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Miceli Roofing. We would be happy to inspect your roof and help you make the best decision for your home. 


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