1.Examine your Shingles on your Roof

Make sure to check your roof’s shingles for any damage caused by winter weather such as icy rain, heavy snow, or below freezing temperatures. Look out for any curling or deterioration in the shingles and ensure that none are missing. Why is it important to address curling shingles? Curling shingles are more susceptible to breaking off during high winds, which can create gaps in your roof. As shingles deteriorate, the granules begin to rub off, shortening the shingle’s lifespan. This loss of granules can also cause leaks to occur.

2. Investigate your roofs skylights

The next task is to examine your sun tunnels or skylights along with the section of the roof surrounding them. When looking for roof skylights Verify that the connection between the window and the roof is still sealed properly and that there are no leaks in the window.

3. Check your roofs Gutters

It’s crucial to inspect your gutters regularly for any signs of blockage, leakage or looseness. Poor drainage may cause flooded gutters if the water is not channeled correctly from the gutters to the ground. Also, if your gutters have leaks or are loose, they may fail, resulting in water dripping instead of being caught and channelled out.

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