Regular roof maintenance is crucial to ensure the health of your roofing system. Your roof is vital to protect your family and belongings from weather conditions. It’s important to conduct regular roof inspections to maintain your home in excellent condition and minimize future repair expenses. An expert roofing contractor can identify any problems with your roof to prevent costly replacements. Regular inspections can also prevent any small repairs from becoming an expensive roof replacement and can extend your roofing system’s lifespan.

  1. Inspect your Roof

Regular roof inspections are crucial for maintaining the condition and lifespan of your roof. They can save you money and stress in the long run. The inspection process is simple and usually begins with an evaluation from the ground to check for obvious signs of damage such as fallen shingles or broken gutters. Then, the contractor will investigate the roof’s condition more closely by going up onto the roof. During a roof inspection, a contractor checks for loose nails, a sagging roof deck, shingles with noticeable wear, dark spots, wood rot, and shingles blown off by a storm. The inspection also includes checking for leaks around the chimney and examining the gutters for shingle granules. If any damage is found, the contractor will suggest the appropriate treatment. Following the contractor’s recommendations can help prevent future damage.

2. Clean your gutters

Your gutters may not work well on their own due to debris build-up such as leaves and twigs. This could lead to clogged gutters which prevents rainwater from flowing away from your home properly. If the water is not directed away from your home, it can cause damage to walls, landscaping, and your home’s foundation. Additionally, clogged gutters can attract pests and rodents, and contribute to mold growth. o prepare for summer storms, it’s smart to hire a professional to clean your gutters beforehand. Airborne materials and fallen trees can easily get stuck in your gutters during storms. Even if you have covers or screens, debris can still get in from your roof. Uncovered gutters should be cleaned every four to six months, while covered gutters only need cleaning every one to three years. By having your gutters cleaned before a storm, you can prevent contributing to the problem and feel more at ease.

3. Trim nearby trees

To avoid damage caused by heavy tree limbs falling on your roof during a summer storm, it’s advisable to trim trees that are near or overhanging your roof regularly. This will prevent damage from occurring and avoid situations like branches or trees penetrating your roof, scraping against shingles, or leaves clogging gutters and causing mold growth. It’s not just summer storms you should be concerned about when it comes to your roof and nearby trees. Check for signs that trees need trimming or cutting down before a storm hits. Look out for warning signs like rot or fungus, and test the trees by touching them to see if the wood is brittle or soft. Additionally, during spring months, check if the tree appears healthy with green leaves or if the leaves are brown and branches are split, as this could indicate the need for tree removal.

4. Identify Damage and make repairs

Homeowners often neglect their roofs until a major storm hits, causing damage to chimney, skylights, gutter systems, and the roof itself. Prompt investigation and repairs can contain the damage and keep repair costs manageable. Postponing repairs can make the damage worse and lead to complete roof replacement. If your home has been through a summer storm and you suspect there is roof damage, it’s a good idea to contact a contractor to assess the extent of damage. Leaks are a common issue after such a storm, but there may also be other problems such as granule erosion, peeling paint, and fungus growth. It’s important to fix these issues early for the safety of your family and protection of your home. If you cannot get the roof fixed immediately, the contractor can cover the damaged area with a tarp to prevent further damage.

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