Protect Your Roof During the Summer Storm Season 

Your roof is one of the most important surfaces of your entire home, so ensuring its efficiency throughout all seasons is imperative! Summer typically marks a time that homeowners are preoccupied with sunshine, family, friends and everything but our roofsHoweverthe summer season brings summer storms, and we are in full blown summer storm season. 

It only takes one storm

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seasonal outlook predicts an above normal number of tropical storms this season, regardless of the seasonal forecast, it only takes one storm to make landfall and severely impact an area. 

Each year, thunderstorms alone cause an astonishing $15 billion in property damage. Summer and spring seasons are the most vulnerable to these destructive and frightening storms. Thunderstorm winds can reach over 100 mph with an outcome of severe roof and house siding damage. 

This statistic alone proves how crucial it is to be prepared during the storm season to ensure summer safety for your home. Miceli Roofing is your trusted neighborhood roofing partner who has just the steps you need to keep your roof and ultimately your home save during summer storm season! 

Steps you can take to protect your home
  • Get routine maintenance on your roof and the foundation!  
  • Miceli Roofing provides trusted roof installation and repair services for all types of homes. All architectural shingles that we use come with a lifetime warranty, and our labor is backed by a labor warranty of up to 20 years. These are just a few ways we give homeowners peace of mind. 
  • Cut down any unwanted trees or limbs and get your trees trimmed before summer storm season. 
  • Contact your insurance company to be more familiar with your policy.  
  • If your town is evacuating due to a hurricane, secure and board up windows and any openings of your home. 
  • Finally, take those summer storm warnings and alerts seriously. 
We can help!

We can repair or replace roof panels damaged by storms, so you avoid leakages and larger problems later. If little issues go overlooked for long periods of time, the damage can easily grow into something far less manageable. Miceli Roofing provides the better roofing experience! Our craftsmanship, quality materials, custom estimates, and attention to details have earned us loyal clients for two generations. Contact us for your roofing needs, we’ll take care of you! 

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